Keeping it real in our City

Work with Us

Are you a little Perth business, artist or event with a big heart and a love of the local community? Then we want you on our team!

Who are we?
We’re a ‘What’s on’ website with a difference. At Perth Happenings, we’re big on the idea of community.

We love the idea of local people coming together and supporting local businesses, watching local acts, buying locally made products, and making local friends. Remember when people used to talk to each other, exchange ideas and services, and support each other? We’re bringing that back.

To do that, we need you.  Hop on the website and list your event or gig. If you want to help to promote your event, business, gig, locally made product, whatever, then get in contact and we’ll shout it from the rooftops. We do all we can for others with the same community vision.

If you are a big business and would love to support the community and keeping our dream going via advertising on our website or listing your event- we’d love you to! Please note though, we primarily work with businesses that mirror our values of integrity and connection, and we hold these values close to our hearts.

We have the best writers and designers in Perth on our team, and we’ll promote you across our website, social media and to the people that we meet at the bus-stop. We even offer discounts to not-for-profits and community events.

Website Advertising

We offer very competitive pricing for advertising on our website. You are able to advertise, on a monthly basis, your business, event or if you are an artist- yourself! Opportunities exist on our Homepage, within the community pages (Specific to area) and on the event category pages. Please contact for further information.

Community Listings

Within each of the eight community categories there are four community sub-lists; Eats, Drinks, Fun and Shopping. A listing within these categories start at $29 per month and will only be accepted if you are a local business within that area. Advertising across areas is not available- for Perth wide coverage please enquire for homepage space.

Not for Profit/ Community Groups

Please contact us as we offer a generous discount for advertising for you.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Perth Happenings’ directors, Dave and Pieta, are always open to discussing collaborations and/or partnerships with other groups who have a social engagement focus. Please contact Pieta to start the discussion.

Now you know who we love to work with, does this sound like you? If yes, Get in touch!