Keeping it real in our City

The Perth Happenings Team

Pieta Sharpe

Hi there, I'm Pieta. I'm the boss lady here at Perth Happenings.

I love getting out into the community and asking all the quetions - who, what, when, where, why and how. We have been growing Perth Happenings to support the small local businesses and events that perhaps can't afford large scale exposure and this is my passion.

We work with only locally based businesses so we can keep their families with income, conversely if you work with Perth Happenings you are keeping my children in soccer - it is a win win!
I have a team of amazing bloggers and look forward to introducing them to you - Thanks for supporting us.

Amber WIlkinson

Hi I'm Amber

I'm a 20-year-old Journalism & PR student who moved to Perth from the UK with my family at the age of 10.

I love everything Perth has to offer and know we are one of the best cities around, so I can't wait to share it with you.

In my free time, you'll find me trying out cool new cafes with my boyfriend and cuddling my two dogs.

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Cassie Hunter

I’m Cassie, an almost-23-year-old dog mum to one super-naughty jack Russell pup and a Perth girl through and through. One of my favourite places on earth is the beach, having never lived more than a 5-minute drive away!

I have a degree in event management, public relations and tourism and hospitality from Curtin University. My average week consists of planning killer events ranging from charity balls to product launches at the fabulous Known Associates Events. When I’ve got some downtime on my hands you’ll find me lazing around binging the hottest new thang on Netflix or totally engrossed in whatever paperback thriller I can get my hands on.

I absolutely live and breathe events and love getting the latest scoop on what’s happening on Perth. As an event manager myself, I can tell you there’s always something exciting going on in our city!

Heather Jerrems

Hi, I’m Heather!

I’ve lived in WA all my life, originally south of Perth, now living in the big smoke and I just love it!

I’m an events marketing professional by day and a theatre maker, visual artist, and SFX makeup artist by weekend which all keeps me very busy.

A normal week for me sees me selling a bunch of tickets to some large scale events, painting up some faces, and then spending an abnormal amount of money on eating out around Perth!
I love good food, good wine, and good theatre and Perth definitely has some amazing spots to experience all three.

The arts scene in Perth is growing so dramatically and it’s so incredible to be a part of!

Katie Daniels

My name is Katie. I have lived most of my life in Perth, and always in the Northern Suburbs. I have two primary school aged children, a husband and an energetic dog (kelpie x dingo – can you get any more Aussie than that??).

My passion is travel, and I love to take my family on new adventures all over the world! I share some of these photos on my Instagram account @thedanielsfamilytravels . As I spend so much of my time exploring new places overseas, and within Australia, it is with some authority that I can say that Perth is really one of the best cities in the world! I believe there is no better place for us to live and raise our beautiful girls.

We are so lucky to live where we do! I look forward to sharing with you some of the fun places that we visit in our local area in the Northern Suburbs of Perth.

Lauren Higham

I’m Lauren, and I’ve lived in Perth for the whole 24 years of my life!

By day, I’m the Social Media Coordinator at the wonderful City of Stirling and by night, you’ll find me craving Maccas chips, Denada ice cream or Banjo carob bears and watching crappy reality shows on TV. My favourite Friday night consists of watching footy on the couch with some snacks, and on the weekends, I thoroughly enjoy things such as sleeping in, heading down to the beach and yoga. I'm a bit of a neat freak who loves things being organised, and I’m a big fan of living as green and as naturally as possible.

I love getting out and about in this great city we call home; Hawkers Markets, Farmers Markets, Hopman Cup, a Wildcats game, the BBL, movies, a music event, restaurants, cafés – you name it, the list goes on. Perth is seriously getting so cool, and I love seeing it grow!

Leah Worthington‎

Hi! I’m a country girl at heart though having moved around a lot when I was young; I’ve lived in the Goldfields, the Wheatbelt and the Avon Valley, but I’ve spent most of my life in Busselton in the South West.

I love going to live gigs and events, and on weekends you’ll often find me in cafes embarrassing my boyfriend by taking terrible photos of our food #brunchclub or taking way too many selfies with Cleo.

I love discovering new things to do in Perth and trying new places, which is why I’m so excited to be writing for Perth Happenings, where I can do just that!

Sasha Spiers

Hi there! My name’s Sasha and I’m a proud dog mum to a miniature poodle named Abbey (she’s fabulous).

Born and raised in the tropics of South East Asia, I’ve since planted my feet in Perth and I can't believe how much this beautiful city has grown!

You’ll find me devouring delicious morsels at cute cafes, indulging in trashy reality tv shows, obsessing over health or #girlboss related reading material, checking out Perth’s latest fitness studio or at a local bar, drink in hand.