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Awaken the Toys

Awaken the Toys

How did you come up with your business name?
It happened one morning when I was trying to register another business name that was taken. I threw a mini hissy fit and my husband was like “chill woman, how does Awaken the Toys sound?”

It wasn’t love at first sound byte and I went for a run to think about it. Part-way through my run it hit me and I conjured images of toys awakening from their stations of inactivity (very Mickey mouse in the Sorcerers Apprentice) and I was in love.

Tell us about yourself?
I was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia with my parents and sister when I was 6 years old, so I tend to think of myself as an Australian because the first 6 years don’t really count right? I mean, I only remember back to when I was about 8 and before then just bits and pieces, which makes me feel confident that my children will not remember all the stupid parenting mistakes I have made. I have deleted all video footage they could use as evidence against me.

I've always loved music and art, studying music through high school and then going out into the world to see what the heck I really wanted to do. I discovered that accounting wasn’t really my calling and when I met my husband, he put me through Tafe to get educated in graphic and web design, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I realised that going to school at 21 is a much better idea than straight out of high school. Life experience has a lot to teach us about perspective.

I spent a big chunk of my time before having kids working as a web and graphic designer, then I had the brilliant idea to have not one, but two children. What was I thinking? I love my small humans thoroughly and wouldn’t return them for the world, though sleep-overs at the grandparents is definitely a huge bonus!

I played with my love for design by creating things for my guinea pigs, I mean kids - sewing blankets, clothing and finally toys. I spend my time juggling the job of teaching my kids to be decent people with a firm love of Star Trek and anything sci-fi, breathing life into Awaken the Toys, being the best wife ever (because I am… sometimes) and being grateful for the amazing life I have.

What is your favourite product and why?
I’m torn! My newest products Null & Void are the main focus of my attention currently, however they share the crown of favourite with the Alphabites, a line of extremely cheeky, somewhat nutty letters of the alphabet. I have so much fun with my toys creating interesting backstories for them that I always find it hard to have a favourite. But if I absolutely have to choose then my photobombing sidekick Alphabite I would be top pick. Plus my favourite thing at the moment is the handy tooth fairy pockets that come with all my toys.

What came first- the chicken or the egg?
the dirty answer? The rooster came first.
the clean answer? The egg, it crashed on earth from a strange galaxy and it hatched out a chicken on impact throwing up the best jazz hands you every saw.

Where can we find you?
It feels like I’m everywhere . But these are the places you can check out Awaken the Toys and my weird toys.