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Cultivating Emotional Balance - Last Sun of every month

31-Mar-2019 - 24/11/19 - last Sunday of the month
12-3pm each session
Stillness in Motion Yoga
67 Hubert Street, East Victoria Park
Cultivating Emotional Balance - Last Sun of every month


Cultivating Emotional Balance: last Sunday of the month 12-3pm @ 67 Hubert St Vic Park

Become an emotional athlete – take control of your wellbeing by learning to be present and constructively engaged with your emotions

Our emotions create richness in our life – they help us navigate our lives, discern what we need, and relate to others. Yet, overwhelming emotions can leave us feeling triggered, stressed, drained, disempowered from our own mental processes, and can result in fractured relationships with others. The information and training from this course will transform your emotional inner world, so you become a skilled ‘emotional athlete’ that is calm, present and positively engaged with others.

What is CEB?

Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) is an evidence based training aimed at helping participants develop emotional regulation by:

Understanding how emotions function and develop

Influencing the progression of an emotion, in order to shape the form it takes

Learning and training in mindfulness and attentional skills

Identifying purpose, and meaningful goals in our life

Reducing destructive emotions and cultivating constructive emotions

Developing and practicing compassionate and balanced connection with others

CEB draws on the wisdom of contemplative meditation practices and emotional research to develop emotion skills to help people to better understand their emotional life, and thereby increase constructive and decrease destructive emotional engagements.

Course Structure and Dates

This course is offered as 11 Sunday sessions, once a month between 12-3pm.

Doing the Full CEB Course: To complete the full course (42 hours), you must complete all 11 sessions, do a minimum 1 hours homework per session consisting of meditations, readings and reflections. Meditations may be done through guided audio and/ or attend at least 9 ‘yoga for emotions’ classes.

Doing a Subset of the CEB Course: It is possible to attend individual Sunday sessions, however, you will be required to attend or listen to part of a recording of the first session as a prerequisite for joining subsequent sessions for context.

All 11 Sessions: $350
Individual Sessions: $45


Each session consist of presentations, discussion and practice
Dates and topic:

27 Jan – A model for mental well being

24 Feb – Deconstructing emotions and meditation

31 Mar – Understanding anger and cultivating compassion

28 Apr – Building awareness of emotions and analysing the world around us

26 May – Feeling and releasing emotions, the body, speech and mind in its natural state

30 Jun – Sitting with and accepting sadness, being joyful in a turbulent world

28 Jul – Deliberately cultivating a joyful heart, refining attention

25 Aug – Calming fear and anxiety, balancing the heart

29 Sep – Developing internal and external equanimity, enjoyable emotions

27 Oct – Understanding disgust and contempt

24 Nov – Creating the cause for happiness, examining the inner and outer world, how to continue cultivating emotional balance

Location: 67 Hubert Street, East Victoria Park, , 6101