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Come for the brunch, stay for the food coma : Six Willows Cafe

Have you ever thought about saying goodbye to the 9-5 corporate world and opening up your own cute café? That’s exactly what life-long friends E-von and Michelle, the owners of Six Willows café have done! Read More..

Perth Happenings

Stretch + Flow - Yoga for Anyone + Everyone at Bloom Yoga, Kingsley

I’ve been to my fair share of yoga classes around Australia. I’ve never felt like I quite fit in - with many classes full to the brim with those who had been doing yoga for so long that I felt like the class klutz. Bloom was different.
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Perth Happenings

Bowled Over Dating - “Board with dating, Floreat Hotel”

With the many online dating apps and websites available these days, from Tinder to RSVP, meeting “actual people” in person for the first time without viewing their profile, matching and chatting through a messaging service first, can be, well, kinda scary. Read More..