Keeping it real in our City


Pieta Sharpe -

Hi- I'm Pieta and I am so excited to be the Central 'burbs of Perth specialty blogger. To be honest I think I got one of the best spaces to cover!

I've been writing for 'fun' since I was 17- predominantly at uni- predominantly because I havent NOT been studying for longer than a year at a time. I am a bit of a junkie, but I don't think you can ever stop learning. I'm currently completing my Masters in Marketing and Innovation which is going to take me a long time but hey, I can't do everything at once.

I started Perth Happenings with my business partner and friend Dave and havent looked back towards working for the man since! I love Perth, I love our culture and I love our sense of community.. even if the North/South thing IS a bit of a big deal.

I love everything that is a little different. I love bright colours. I love people who speak their mind and are genuine. I love bringing a smile to someone's face and I 100% love what I do.

I love having Central as my 'hood because I have lived North all my life so hadnt explored very far- and now have a love affair with the city and with Fremantle... anywhere with a difference and culture. I look forward to bringing all the awesome goings on and happenings to this community page! If you are a business or have an event coming up in the area get in touch with me- I'd love to get to know you and your event and maybe do a blog about it