Mastura Koelmeyer - Eastern Suburbs and Hills

Hi ya'll!

My name is Mastura and I am an Australian-born girl with a mixed cultural background of Eurasian decent, living a blessed life in the beautiful city of Perth. I reside in the Swan Valley area, close to surrounding tourist attractions of cheese barrels, wineries, fresh fruit and veg farms, kangaroos, horses and farm animals. Each day I am grateful to be within arms’ reach of nature and gorgeous, picturesque views of the hills.

I'm a mum of three and a wife, credit manager and coffee lover, self-confessed Kit-Kat-holic, café hopper and food addict. I love to immerse myself in nature and little treasures hidden in this city, from the beaches to the hills, the city to the rural.

As a lover of fashion, and in conjunction with expressing myself creatively, I’m a lifestyle and fashion blogger at Missy-Lia. Here I share musings of fashion, lifestyle, motherhood and anything I find inspiring.

Every day, I tag team my husband (who works night shift) with juggling the upbringing of our three children. To say 'these little people keep us busy' would be an understatement. In my not-so spare time, I'm the marketing director of Tulyss Design – an emerging fashion designer shoe label in Australia and Malaysia. I also regularly contribute to the international online modest fashion magazine, Gaya.

In addition, you'll find me checking out home decor places in an attempt to decorate my newly built home and outwardly express my love for home design as a daughter of an interior designer. You'll also find me endeavouring to be a masterchef (key word "endeavouring"), trying to be a professional cleaner with that never-ending laundry basket that piles up faster than it gets folded and put away, as well as super wife and mum – I try!

You could say I have a whole lot on my plate. But life is great when you're busy having fun! And if I could live my life being paid to eat my way through Perth's amazing range of cafés and restaurants and experiencing the little pockets in our vibrant little city through events and discovery, then I would be in my element. As a writer for Perth Happenings, I look forward to sharing as much of this as possible with you. Sometimes we forget what beautiful things our city of Perth has to offer!