Mary Ann Smilovitis - Eastern Suburbs

When I was asked to write about myself, I didn’t have a clue what I was going to write. My blog is all about learning to love yourself, taking care of yourself, and embracing all that you evolve into after becoming a mother. I am still on the early stages of that journey and still trying to define who I am apart from a mother and a wife, thus the reason why I struggle to talk about myself.

I started blogging in hope that whilst finding myself, I could inspire other mums, or even just one other mum. I write about all things under the sun, but mainly I share my fitness journey, which surprisingly took me down the path of powerlifting. Although it’s hard, taking time out for yourself and nurturing your body, mind and soul as a mother will ultimately produce happier and stronger family foundations. I also post recipes, motivating quotes, the charity projects I get involved in, and soon I will be adding our travelling adventures.

I look forward to exploring Perth City and sharing with all of you the amazing and affordable cafes around, adventure-filled playgrounds, events for date night or ladies’ night and all the fitness & wellness community programs on offer. Nice to meet you!