Keeping it real in our City


Lauren Higham -

Footy game on a Friday night? I’ll be there. Yoga on a Saturday morning? Lock me in. New bar opening on a Saturday night? Let’s go. Farmers market on a Sunday morning? Done deal. Oh, and any food related activities in between – well that’s a given. I’m Lauren, and I’ve lived in Perth for the whole 23 years of my life.

By day I’m a Marketing Communications Coordinator and by night, you’ll either find me at the gym, paying my local Zambrero a visit, craving Cheesecake flavoured ice cream from Gusto Gelato or watching crappy reality shows on TV. I love getting out and about in this great little city I call home; Hawkers Markets, The Hopman Cup, a Wildcats game or a music event – the list goes on. You’ll often catch me around the Vic Park area, but I’ll go anywhere for a good time.