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When the Shopportunity comes knocking....

Op Shopping is a past time of so many thrifty people. Why not? It's cheap clothes and you can often find a bargain. However you don't know the quality or the cleanliness of the item, for example. 

When the opportunity arose to head to a Shopportunity Knocks tour I assumed it was op shopping. It's buying second hand clothes right? I am pleased to say that I was so far from wrong, and this tour is so right!

Self description - "Join the shopping tour with a difference that makes a difference. Shopportunity Knocks Perth visits Perth’s finest secondhand designer clothing and consignment boutiques.
Shop sustainably and join the fun one Saturday soon!" and fun is what you are in for.

First up, my obsession with customer service. It does not get better than Julie. If you are looking for a hostess with the mostess she is your gal. Right from the word go I was made to feel important and valued and that I was part of something very exciting. Meeting Julie in person did not disappoint. When we met she was wearing the funkiest outfit I've ever seen. A gorgeous bolero and an outfit that was funky, eclectic and showed that Julie really does practice what she preach. Purchasing and embracing pre-loved clothing. If you get the chance to chat to Julie I encourage you to as she has a passion and flair for the circular fashion industry that I have certainly never seen before, and that passion is certainly contagious.

So pre-loved fashion you ask. How is this not op-shopping? Easy- Julie has taken the time to get to know each boutique owner that we will visit. A second hand clothing boutique? Yes that's right. 

On the tour you will visit five boutiques. Each boutique has items of clothing (and shoes, handbags, jewellery...) that have been pre-loved. They are all carefully assessed for any marks, stains, tears and for their quality. Each item is specifically chosen as it is generally a brand name label that has simply become an extra in someone else's wardrobe. There are no mothballs here though, only high quality products.

When I arrived at the pick up location in Osborne Park we were greeted with a coffee van. Bless you Julie and the magical van that provided us with the caffeine. Already a great start to the tour. We were all then loaded on to a new van and we met the other 10 ladies. I was lucky to be on tour with a mother and her two daughters (I kinda became part of their crowd as I was on my own- thanks ladies!) and two groups of friends. It's tough going on your own to an event initially but Julie makes sure you've got someone to chat to. There was also a fab playlist of 80's music so I was happily bopping along between stops.  

We traveled to five differing boutiques and can I say I had ZERO clue these places existed in Perth and it is my job to know Perth stuff! At the first shop, Reloved, I picked up an Alannah Hill skirt for $30. I am a sucker for Alannah Hill and lost my mind quietly when I saw that. It is green and pleated and gorgeous and I NEVER would have been able to buy one new. This was no op shop readers! Racks and racks of amazing bargains and I left only spending $45. Phew - I do have some level of restraint.


Our second stop blew my mind (and my purse but I don't care!) - Second Time Around in North Perth. The team there are lovely, caring, make you feel like you are the ONLY customer there and that you truly matter to them. I am a size 18 and I figured at a store that has Gucci and so many other high end labels, there would be nothing for me here. O... M... Goodness! Vanda and Hannah her daughter, are so unbelievably on trend and open to everyone that I found an abundance of clothes that I could buy and that looked amazing. If you are showcasing some curves and love designer, this is your place to go. I will forever be thankful to Julie for bringing me here. I have been back three times since! Again I reiterate, this is no op-shop tour. 

We then had a little lunch which was a really wonderful time to chill and chat to other people. You know that thing we don't often do anymore.... relaxing? Not being anyone's wife, mother, friend, soccer coach etc. was lovely. An hour to sit, enjoy a glass of wine if you so choose and eat your food in peace. 

We ventured to three other boutiques and at each stop we were given ample time to try on the clothes. We could ask questions about them and chat to the business owners. This is something that I dare say is not often a part of your shopping experience anymore. Do you stop and chat to the local shop owners? Being on the tour made you feel part of the family at all locations and I loved it.

As the day went on I realised that there is a superb culture of consignment high end clothing around Perth. It provides a 'shop'portunity for everyone to own high level fashion and have that one beautiful piece that just makes your wardrobe complete. I have since told all my friends about Shopportunity and we are in the process of organising our own private tour! Julie will look after you if you're after a private tour just for your social group, mothers group or perhaps even a hens day?!

Going on this tour has opened my eyes. Not only to the concept of pre-loved fashion but to the concept of buying quality for the same or similar price to a new chain store outfit. I left with Guess shoes and an Alannah Hill skirt plus more, and I spent less than $150 in total.

Are you convinced? You should be- here's how to contact Julie and book in your spot:

Instagram- @shopportunityknocksperth

Get on board and secure your spot and go get yourself a bargain, you deserve it!

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