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When Gaming brings the family together

Have you ever thought to yourself, I loved those Timezone lock in sessions where we played The Simpsons game and Mortal Kombat? Wish you could share the "good old days" with your own kids? Well I'm here to let you know you CAN!

I had the pleasure of taking my son for his 10th Birthday party at the amazingly awesome Player One in North Perth. I had 20 kids there plus ten adults and the space was fantastic.

As soon as you walk in you see that there is something magical about this place. There is a little kitchen for the parents to order a well deserved coffee, cold drink or snack and tables and chairs to either sit and relax around or play a board game or two (which we certainly did during the party!) There is an assortment of board games to play and we're not just talking Monopoly here, different board games you've probably never ever seen before. We played a game called Timeline and I ended up buying it I loved it so much!

Now the important part, the video games. There are so many old school classics that will have the 80's and 90's kids squealing with delight- ok that may have only been me when I saw Mortal Kombat. There is pinball, there is those games you sit down at that were at the fish and chip shop and you had to shoot the space invaders, there is new games too but my favourite part was the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM set up on an old school TV with legs. You know the brown ones that you had to get UP to change the channel and adjust the volume, yes, one of those.

Player One would be a fantastic idea for the gamer bux party or for a work function/team building. The location is central so really you can't go wrong.
The birthday party was such a huge success and my son deemed it his best ever! All of the kids (both boys and girls) were entertained and had a ball. It even started discussions between the Dads and sons about what computers were like "when they were young." Being made to feel old is that much easier when it is about something you enjoy.

The owners of Player One made the event seamless for me. They made pizza (which was delicious!), we had a full creatively decorated party table with lollies, drinks and a sign with my son's name making it all the more personal. Nothing was too much trouble and even the adults were able to learn something new. We were taught three new board games and a little healthy competition was had! Perfect party for everyone.

If you are looking for an air conditioned indoor option for your (or your childs!) next birthday party, give Player One a call on 0450 752 462 and let them know you were sent to them from Perth Happenings.

You can find Player One at 5 Woodville Lane, North Perth WA 6006.

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