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The perfect Staycation in Perth - Citadines St George's Terrace

There has to be something said for the staycation. 

Being a tourist in your own town and looking at what you see ALL the time from totally new perspectives.

I wanted to spend some time exploring our fair city and decided it was time for a staycation, but where? When researching what I wanted to do, so much of it was surrounding Elizabeth Quay. I wanted somewhere central that had a spa. The spa was my deal breaker for sure. 

After a long hour of research the ONLY place I could find in the city with my beloved spa was Citadine's Apart Hotel on St George's Terrace.

To say I was excited was an understatement. I have heard of the beloved staycation but was yet to experience one myself. I jumped online, organised our stay and we were ready to go for the next weekend!

We were booked in for two nights and on the way we organised our wine, our nibblies and our spa ready bubbles and off we went. We enjoyed both Friday and Saturday evenings and it honestly felt like it was a week. Away from the desk, away from the washing, away from my beautiful teenage boys... 

So the best parts of Citadines on St George's Terrace- 

First up- we had off street parking. There is limited car space so you will need to book ahead, but I was super excited about that. It meant that I got to take a ride in my first ever UBER!! With this location it was super easy to uber to Northbridge, to Fringe World and all around. Seriously so central!

Then there is the customer service. What I love about staying in hotels in general is that everyone is so polite. However I think Citadines really upped the level here! Every single time we passed through the foyer, the team was so lovely, remembered things we had said about our stay and us as people, plus, even when I was a little silly and got a bit claustrophobic (yes, I know!) they were so accommodating and made me feel like I mattered and it was ok I was being a sook.
It truly added to the 'holiday' vibe of the staycation.

Now the room. With this being an apart hotel, your rooms are hotel like but there is also a little kitchenette type space, a desk and other features that made things a little special. We had a king bed that was so freaking comfortable that I slept SO well (and with the space didnt have someone rolling onto me). The decor was nice and a combination between funky and modern, and fairly standard white. The bathroom was standard but the room offered so much more. 

I'm not quite sure if I mentioned the SPA? Just in case I didn't- we had a huge, fab spa that fit two reasonably sized adults quite comfortably. It was beyond relaxing and EXACTLY what I was looking for. Being honest with you, I would say I had six spas during those 48 hours and did not get sick of it once. It is in the main living area, so make sure you go with someone you don't mind seeing you in your bathers, or whatever makes you comfortable. I did very much enjoy having a spa with a wine and watching sport on TV. Fairly sure this is #staycationgoals :)

We enjoyed breakfast in the cute restaurant below- Total BS and Co on Sunday morning and the local Dome on Saturday. We went super early for a Sunday - 7:40 and we were the only ones at Total BS and Co. The food was great - I had the sweet pancakes and my partner had the BS Big Breakie. The big breakie was big enough to fill a grown empty man tummy, and the pancakes were just perfect. Our coffees were on point and all round just a lovely breakfast. The menu was simple but had all the breakie staples that you would look for.

There was a short walk to Elizabeth Quay, to an assortment of cafes and restaurants and I felt like I was within the hustle and bustle of the city, without the stress of work!

Perth, if you're looking for a staycation with the location, the service, the king size bed AND had the spa, then Citadines St Georges Terrace is a place you need to check out. When I looked online rooms started from $190 and are definitely a go to for your next holiday exploring your own city. I mean, if I've been in Perth my whole life and STILL find places that surprise me, surely you can too!

Find out more about Citadine's St George's Terrace here

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