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​The Meg, Special Advanced Screening

4/5 Stars? But hey we are impartial to the prehistoric element as huge Jurassic Park fans.

So, what does The Meg have in store for you?

Jason Statham who plays Jonas Taylor, a world class deep sea rescue diver, has spent the past five years in a drunken haze in Thailand after encountering a ‘monster’ on his last rescue mission that no one believed, up until now!

A team of underwater research scientists are trapped following an attack during an exploratory mission beneath the murky layers of an icy cold hydrogen sulphide barrier. Taylor who has sworn never to dive again is lured back into his past life to save his ex-wife. It is during this expedition that the cast come face to face with Taylors ‘monster’, The Meg, a 75ft prehistoric megalodon (SHARK) believed to be extinct.

The crew include; Rain Wilson, an egotistical billionaire who funds the underwater research facility, Page Kennedy, an African-American working on the project who clearly did not sign up to meeting a giant shark (let alone getting in the water with it), Ruby Rose, aka Jaxx the tech specialist and Suyin, the daughter of the man running the research facility Zhang. We cannot forget to mention a smashing performance of ‘one-liners’ from Shuya Sophia Cai who plays Suyin’s eight-year-old daughter Meiying.

This film packs a punch of action packed adventure and incredible CGI graphics that makes you feel like you’re in the water with them. With all this action comes a little romance, stand out one-liners and a good sense of humour with over the top killer SHARK scenes.

You will not be disappointed, so get along and watch The Meg screening at Cinemas near you from Thursday the 16th of August.

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