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The Dirty Swine- Dirty Never tasted so good!

The Dirty Swine is a relatively new food truck around town. Upon first glance you would assume they only serve delicious pork dishes and you would be partially right. They describe themselves as "Asian fusion American style slow n low. As well as traditional Roast Pork Belly with crispy crackle and beef au jus and a bao creation to wet the appetite."
The first thing I noticed about The Dirty Swine walking up was the delicious aromas. See I've never eaten a Bao before. Yes I know, I know. Where have I been living? I've just always found something else I wanted but this time- no way- Bao's for the whole family and I am a solid convert now!

The Dirty Swine is owned by Sam Murray and his partner Trang Hoang and they are seriously lovely people. We were greeted with a huge smile and hello and that is where the journey starts for me. Good customer service is a little underrated these days but  Sam and Trang have it in spades. During our meal Sam came to chat with us, he mingled with the other diners at the markets and just made us all feel like we mattered. This is why shopping local matters!

Looking at the menu it was hard to choose as I have always been a pork crackle fan so went with the signature dish of 'The Dirty Swine' (apt name!). The Dirty Swine is crispy roast pork bell smothered in gravy. They then add a little apple sauce, coriander and chilli and it is served on a soft roll. I don't like coriander (who's with me?) but this was a winner of a flavour combination! The meat was so tender and the crackle... oh so crispy just like it should be. I felt like I was enjoying a full meal. 

If like me you have little people (or young adult as my son refers to himself), there is an option for them too! Think cheeseburger in a bao. A homemade hamburger patty with "the best cheese" (quote Mr 10), inside a bao.

The boys had one of these alongside a bao with pulled pork and slaw. When it came to the "Cheeseburger" Mr fussy young adult was shocked and said to me- "Oh wow this is so good!" You can see that on his face! He even tried the Bao with slaw and was a fan. If you go to events and see food trucks wondering where to go to make the whole family happy- well you found it and you're welcome! 

Sam and Trang also own Canham Eatery in Greenwood which I have visited before and didn't know the connection. It is a gorgeous bright building that you just can't miss. This is great to know if you want the home cooked deliciousness that is The Dirty Swine but can't make it to the events they are at.

Drooling a little now thinking of the pork crackle that your Mum makes but you just can't perfect? The Dirty Swine- that's your new go to.

Want to know more and where to find them?

Head over to for upcoming locations, menu and everything else pork! 

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