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​Shy John - the latest delight in Yagan

Shy John  - the latest delight in Yagan!

Last night we were spoilt with an exquisite evening at Perth’s first Brewery and Yum Cha, Shy John in Yagan Square.

Shy John has been aptly named after the first Chinese settler in Australia 1818, Mak Sai Yang, who later became known as John Shying and went on to become a licensed publican in NSW.

Shy John is a two storey micro-brewery that delivers five of its own unique craft beers on tap in concert with some welcomed old faithfuls. Temira enjoyed her journey through the craft beers as guided by the friendly team behind the bar who not only love to share what’s on offer but also their passion in doing so.

The venue itself is superbly designed over multiple stories. Order a drink on arrival at the ground floor bar or glide up the staircase to reach the middle story bar where you can stroll out to the Yagan Square amphitheatre. You will also find some epic artwork by local artist Hanbrake.

During what was a spectacular VIP night, that included traditional Chinese dragon and Lion dancing, we were fortunate enough to sample some of Shy John’s intriguing menu fancies. We just couldn’t say no to platters filled with Floss Buns, Crispy Salmon Skins and my personal favourite, the divine Szechuan Beef Tartare served with pickled ginger and garlic, I can only describe this experience as heaven in your mouth. Don’t forget the best part of the dim sum experience, dumplings! We dined on the crème de la crème of dumplings, gold dusted activated charcoal prawn dumplings with whole Shark Bay prawns! The menu boasts authentic and fusion Cantonese inspired dim sum, made to order so you experience yum cha as fresh and succulent as it can come.

Shy John has been a highly anticipated addition to the already culturally extensive Yagan Square cuisine line up and it does not disappoint.

With co-owner Ian Chin at the reigns, it’s no wonder this venue packs a punch as he is also the mastermind behind other Perth venues, Ramen Boy, Noodle Forum and Hiss and Smoke. But don’t take our word for how good it is, go and see for yourself, you deserve it!

Shy John opens daily at 11:00am from Friday, August 31st.

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