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REVIEW: Elizabeth Davie- Super Woman Money Program

FRINGE REVIEW: Elizabeth Davie- Super Woman Money Program - 5 STARS

Where: The Shambles, The Woodside Pleasure Garden
When: 23rd, 24th, 25th January 2019

"Did you know that women often retire with a lot less super than men? Elizabeth didn't. She gets her financial advice from Shirley Bassey and spent all her money going to clown school. But now they tell her she has to raise an extra $350,000 for her retirement, just because she has a vagina. So she's doing a comedy show. Welcome to the Super Woman Money Program."

I ask myself, am I a feminist? No, not really. Do I care about men and women being treated equally? Why yes, yes I do.

Elizabeth Davie won Best Comedy at Fringe in 2018 for Super Woman Money Program and it is so very easy to see why.

Elizabeth's comedic skills are sensational. Her timing, her facial expressions and her ability to make me feel emotions towards a sock puppet are impressive. 

The focus of this show may be about the hilarious interactions Elizabeth had with her superannuation company, but this is so much more than that. The topic of - "What is the cost of being a woman?" is something that can be very delicate. Elizabeth asks you to think, to ponder and truly disseminate advice from her super company such as- "Don't get divorced." Now there is something to laugh about.

A truly moving combination of dance, stand up comedy, raw emotion and the reading of a book that almost had me in tears, Super Woman Money Program is a no holds barred wake up call for those who have just accepted that a vagina is something we need to amend our livelihoods for.

The highest of praise for Elizabeth. A show extremely well executed.

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