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REVIEW: Pupperotica - Foreplay

FRINGE REVIEW: Pupperotica: Foreplay - 4 STARS.
Megamouth- Yagan Square  - through to the 31st January on selected days.

"After three increasingly inappropriate editions, Fringe's naughtiest puppets are back and more debauched than ever! Join Brad, Granny, Layla, Yusef and more as they bust out all new saucy readings, sexy songs and the full frontal puppet nudity you definitely didn't know you needed. They're here to test the limits of the terms 'erotic', 'literature' and 'common decency', they are... Pupperotica!"

You know a show is great when you return the next year, eager to see what the geniuses behind Pupperotica have come up with. 

Last year the show was in a teeny little venue where I was less than a metre away from the stars. I was very happy to see that this year they have been upgraded to Megamouth in Yagan Square and more of Perth are able to get a sexy glimpse!

The talent of our puppeteers, Keren Schlink and Josh Walker is amazing. The voice control, the character development and well, their outfits, are on point. The development of the characters, who have returned from last year (my favourite has to be the saucy Granny.. if only a puppet could be your spirit animal) is obvious, engaging and down right entertaining from the moment they have their mouths opened. 

There are tales of sexuality in space, naughtiness with a whip and shenanigans between puppets that will leave you with sore cheeks from smiling. 

There is a song about pics of anatomy that had me giggling like a school girl, and a gummy vagina as a prize for one lucky audience member!

If the thought of Muppets gone wild has you scratching your head but eager for more- this is the naughty show for you.

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