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Review: Improv Attacks Humanity

FRINGE REVIEW: Improv Attacks Humanity - 3.5 STARS
WHERE: Arena at The Aberdeen Hotel
WHEN: 6th to 17th February 2019 

I assume by now most of you have played or at least heard of Cards Against Humanity?

You know… “The party game for horrible people”? Well combine that game with improve sketch comedy and you get Improv Attacks Humanity- Improv for the awful.

The idea of the show is similar to the game… everyone gets a bunch of white ‘answer’ cards and then the black cards are read out, with the audience offering up what they think is their funniest answer. The cards are al read out and then based on the good old-fashioned laugh-o-meter and the winners are selected to be the basis of the improve sketches.

Improv is one of those things that you either love or you hate.

I’m a fan of improv comedy for the most part but it is a little hit and miss some times.

This was the case for the show I saw, there were some genuinely hilarious moments, but there were also some sketches that you just wanted to finish so you could get back to laughing.

That being said, the crew are quite literally playing the cards they are dealt, so props to them for being able to make most of the scenes work so well!

If you are a fan of improve or you love the Cards Against Humanity game, then definitely try and see this show, but if you’re not too keen on improv then maybe give this one a miss.

Leah Worthington‎

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