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REVIEW: Bumble Me Tinders

FRINGE REVIEW: Bumble Me Tinders - 4 STARS

"Hosted by comedian Patrick Melton (USA) (CC, Spike, VH1) and featuring a new line-up of hilarious single comedian eye-candy each show. Comics share dating horror stories, lead audience games, provide good and bad dating advice, and much more; a different circus of single debauchery and surprises nightly."

If you are a single in Perth you MUST go see Bumble me Tinders. If you are looking for the perfect night out with the boys, or looking for love with your ladies, this is the show for you.

I had never heard of our host as he is from the USA but I will always remember him now! Tall, dark, handsome (yeah I said it), he's got a certain type of charisma. From the moment Patrick stepped on stage, with his free beer giveaways and his jokes that push things 'slightly' too far but then, just far enough, this will be an entirely memorable show!

You will be in stitches with some of the anecdotes about being single, online dating and a REAL LIFE Tinder experience. Yes you read it right, one lucky audience member will have their 'perfect' match found but it will all be a surprise and they will need to swipe right or left with a giant finger...

Intrigued? You should be! With many nights selling out, you'll want to book your tickets soon! Playing every night until the 17th Feb (excluding Mon and Tues)

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