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REVIEW: Audiotherapy

Audiotherapy - 4.5 STARS
Where: Downstairs at the Maj

This show comes with a content warning. Suicide, Mental Health and Self Harm. I feel this is very important to start with. 

Audiotherapy is not your standard Fringe Show.

Whatever expectations you enter this space with, you will have smashed.

Sun-Mi and her team blew my mind. I read the blurb, I read what to expect but I have never had a show bring tears to my eyes before and I very much doubt there will be another show like this.

Audiotherapy is a very raw and personal insight into what living is like with depression, mental illness and relationships.

Sun-Mi has a rare, beautiful and soft demeanor. From the moment she stepped onto the stage, speaking her monologue, transitioning seamlessly to song,  I was mesmerized by the use of colour and lack of, to communicate different emotions and aspects of life. 

Our table was at the very front which provided no where to hide for me as an audience member. My emotions and reaction were as real and raw as Sun-Mi's and although there were moments I felt uncomfortable, I can't help but think this is the exact reaction she was hoping for; to change and navigate a different pathway for mental health.

A truly superb show which I feel will change all of those who watch it.

Sun-Mi is a local Perth Mental health advocate who has her own radio show - Audiotherapy. I strongly encourage you to head to her instagram and find out more about this amazing woman. 

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