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REVIEW: A Split Bill - Nic Monisse & Grant Mushet

FRINGE REVIEW: A Split Bill - Nic Monisse & Grant Mushet - 3.5 Stars

'The boys are back! After a sell-out run in 2018, Nic and Grant team up to bring you the best shared hour of comedy this festival season. Splitting the bill after splitting from their home countries - Nic moving to the UK and Mush finally settling in Australia - get set for a show filled with cheek, banter, and non-stop laughter.'

Held at The Craft in Northbridge, this 60 minute show is one like no other. Not only will you get to hear from TWO fab comedians, you get to hear Grant Mushet's laugh. I'm telling you, I was already a fan, but now I am a bit of a fan girl :) 

I was lucky enough to attend on the opening Friday night so I was able to see the guys interacting in about as natural an environment as I could, and with a huge support and a sell out crowd, I knew I was in for a fun gig!

There was a significant amount of audience interaction from Grant. I am usually a huge fan of audience interaction and have no problems in being called upon but in this show, there may have been a little too much. That aside, Grant's delivery is spot on and you can't help but feel like you are one of his mates. This funny man, is one I would watch again. Grant did break my heart, telling me unicorns aren't real... I will never be the same

Nic jumped on stage and I immediately was hooked with his reverse homesickness - he made me want to defend the northern suburbs (Joondalup is the best suburb there is Nic even though it certainly is little Britain!).

It is a fine line to walk between social commentary and knowing how far to push the boundary. On many occasions Nic walked the line but came out a winner. 

The pairing of these two gents is perfect as they are as different as they are similar, which makes for a very entertaining show!

The show is on from the 24th January to the 16th on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

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