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Outdoor Fun- Movies under the Moonlight

Outdoor Fun- Iconic Park, not a swing in sight!

Outdoor Fun doesn't always have to be active- you think of outdoors and you think of sports, sunshine and heat. However in the heart of our beautiful city is a special kind of outdoor fun. Fun where you relax, enjoy the atmosphere and twinkling stars; outdoor fun at the Moonlight Cinema in Kings Park. With the beautiful (albeit unpredictable!) weather we have been having of late, "Outdoor Fun" is just as exciting when you are reclining under the stars watching a fabulous movie.

The season is heading to a close for the Moonlight Cinemas but I really wanted to share this with you while there is still time. The season runs until 2nd April 2017, so you have a few more weeks to get your Outdoor on, but with a line up like Logan, Beauty and the Beast, Fifty Shades Darker and a flashback to The Rocky Horror Picture Show- why wouldn't you get this organised right now!

                                                                              Image- @rhiyaad- Instagram

Once you have set up you are encouraged to engage with the social media- which of course we did! Our reasoning for heading to the cinemas was a bit of a special occasion so I splashed out and went with the Connoisseur section. What this meant was we had out own secure section up the front with cute little gates around so we felt a little special, our bean bag lazing chairs were already set up and all I had to do was provide the beautiful food and wine. There is also a "Gold Grass" section which is the same as the Connoisseur, the additional costs are because you have an attendant collect your food and drink for you. As I was planning our own picnic there was no need and I felt this section was a great choice. I found it hard to speak to anyone to confirm I was able to bring wine in my picnic basket as they don't take customer service calls at the cinemas anymore, however yes- indeed you can BYO. 

I got to the venue at the exact moment we were allowed in, however having paid the more expensive price I didn't need to, but it was worth it. We saw 'Wicked Beasts and Where to Find Them'- The Harry Potter prequel (worth seeing if you're wondering). An important note here is plan ahead for this outdoor fun. My partner in moonlight was getting bitten by many a mosquito after not needing to 'put on aeroguard' so I would suggest a blanket and some bug spray.

There were families, dates, loved up couples, friends and all sorts of gatherings enjoying what was a beautiful night under the stars. This venue is fantastic for all kinds of catch ups- not just the romanticising (I will use that word across all my blogs if I can!).

For all the info on what movies you still have available, session times and to purchase head to however, if you have a query about the night you may be best to ask social media like I did!

Head along before the season ends- it is an experience not to be missed.



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