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Kyilla Saturday Markets

The wonderful thing about having no expectations is that everything is a surprise. When I decided on a Saturday morning to venture to the Kyilla Farmers Market I had no idea what to expect, except that their Instagram pics were amazing and I really needed to visit some of their stallholders! I was so lucky to have picked a beautiful sunny day on school holidays, which meant the markets were quieter and it gave me more time to speak to the stall holders personally.

From get go their Market Manager, Cynthia, has everything covered. I was so very impressed with her professionalism and love for this market- you could tell straight away this was something really very special to her which made it instantly very special to me. I think I could write a university worthy essay on why these markets were amazing and why I loved talking to all the business owners. I will however focus on what makes this marketplace so amazing and why I felt such a strong sense of community there.

A very important feature of these markets is there is a Kids Zone. Interactive, non-plugged in, good old fashion fun to be had. The kiddies in the zone were busy making creative pieces when I went passed. This is such an amazing feature for all the parents out there. I know I enjoy my coffee a little bit more when it is hot and my children are enjoying themselves.
I knew one of our Food Truck Tracker businesses was there so headed straight to Pockets Streetfood. I know I’ve been living under a rock, but I’d never had a falafel so when I ordered I just said yes to everything! Oh my… This was the beginning of a rather delicious day! I was so in love with this as soon as I started eating it.

Something has to be said for the vegetarian diet- I always thought they were missing out but this was sensational. Just the right amount of chilli and so ridiculously tasty! If you haven’t tried Pockets’ falafels, do yourself a favour and track them down.
I was so in love with this as soon as I started eating it.
One thing I love about the markets I usually frequent is that there is a butcher there so I know where my meat is coming from. I was so surprised and elated to find there was a local butcher who knew his stuff AND had homemade pies. I had just finished a falafel so cannot comment on their deliciousness but Mr Taylor himself (Taylor’s Butchers) assured me that they were delightful. I really love when you don’t buy meat that has a weird colour and is in a prepacked sealed plastic wrapping. Real meat you know where it came from. I did purchase some bacon from there and that was really very very good. I enjoyed chatting to Scott as he seemed as passionate about what he does as me, and I love my Happenings!
I had finished my falafel and was feeling super full so decided to head to the Coffee stand. Before I got there I could see why there was so much buzz around them. The staff were almost as funky as the set up. The set up was functional so you knew where to order, where to wait and where to get your stuff.

The board was covered in so many delicious sounding options like Mexican Chilli coffee that I must admit I was a little mesmerised. I had done a little social media stalking of these guys before I came down and I was not disappointed. Their customer service was on point. Pleasant, attentive, interesting and interested (a tough combo to master!) and I just loved that they say “Thank you X” when your coffee is ready. Makes you feel much more valued compared to “Flat White no sugar number 34”.

Before I had even ordered I was also in love with their cups environmentally friendly and uber funky designs. Yes I was developing a bit of a business crush- the first of many this day!
Next I met a lady who has changed my life. I literally have Instagram stalked her ever since leaving those markets!
When I got my coffee order in and started chatting to Chris the owner he actually defied all logic and could multi task very easily! (Sorry to the male population for the sweeping generalisation). Coffees were being made to a high standard very quickly and he chatted to me about business and how Stomp came about. If you follow us on Instagram you would have seen my amazing coffee with a couple of bombolonis. I truly hope we get to add Stomp to our Food Truck Tracker because I would happily travel for such an awesome coffee.
Next I met a lady who has changed my life. I literally have Instagram stalked her ever since leaving those markets! If you haven’t had a bomboloni in your life then I truly am sorry. Lena Lu sells THE most amazing bomboloni’s ever. Ok this is my first time tasting them but I took two home to share with my children- Nutella and Italian Custard. You must see these- head to our Instagram page to check them out. When I bit into the Nutella, I expected a tiny slither inside a big donut, which I still would have been happy with because, well, Nutella!

However, there was so much Nutella in there that I don’t think I took a bite without any. This is some serious value and some serious deliciousness. There were so many other flavours too and she has them in cafes around the city so even if you can’t get to North Perth you have no excuse not to try these.
After allowing myself some time to take in the market, chat to some locals and find out that these markets are really very valuable to the school and the local community, I had a lovely Dad and his two daughters stop and pose for me. I really love how happy he was, and his gorgeous little lady was to discuss how much they love coming to these markets and why they love it.

The feeling here was that no one was too busy, everyone was cruising along enjoying their days, even though we were so close to the city and the hustle and bustle. It was such a beautiful vibe to soak up.

I realise I cannot cover every single stall that was there so here are some quick mentions-

Meri Bakery has a beautiful display of so so many flavours of cupcake. There is carrot cake and so many other delicious goods. By the time I got to Merri’s I was beyond full so didn’t try any but they look superb.
I was so happy to buy my fresh produce from the two most attentive people I have met. Albert and Grace Della-Bosca have old school service with a genuine smile and fresh and very delicious fruit and vegetables. It was a pleasure to chat to these two beautiful humans.
Juici Pop up made me a well-deserved, hopefully balancing my tummy green juice as I was leaving. I love juice with ginger, it really makes me feel a little more settled and my juice was spot on. After falafel and everything else I tried, this was a beautiful saviour.
This was the shortest version discussing my time at these markets. I could not cover every stall there and there were some other amazing people and businesses at the Kyilla Markets.

Unlike the Fair Tradie I don’t have reviews out of ten but if I did my day at Kyilla would have been a 24!

I am very much looking forward to heading back to see the other businesses which run on the alternate week to when I was there. Thank you so much for having me Kyilla Markets; it was a pleasure!

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