Keeping it real in our City

Jetts Innaloo

It’s 8.30 Saturday morning. At this time, I’m usually either still asleep or I’m lying in bed, scrolling aimlessly through memes in my newsfeed. But today I’m with a group of 8 people, running through the streets of Perth deciphering cryptic clues and completing intense group challenges as our rivals edge ever-closer behind us…  

Why, you may ask? Because this morning I signed up for a Bootcamp group fitness class at Jetts Innaloo and got the surprise of a lifetime!

As a self-confessed gym-junkie, I must admit that I have never really been the class type - and will walk right past the class timetables in favour of the free weights section. But today’s experience completely flipped my opinion on the possibilities of group fitness. I was among 16 people who turned up at Jetts Innaloo to take part in the increasingly popular Bootcamp. Immediately, we were split into two groups and given the rundown: this was an “Amazing Race”, we were to work as a team to find the clues (written cryptically on sheets of paper and hidden around the suburb) and were to text our answers to a number that would respond with the location of the next clue.  

In a matter of seconds, we were out of the gym and running through the streets of Innaloo, searching for our first clue. Once we had located it, we were directed to a grassy patch beside IKEA where we were to complete a variety of cooperative group exercises to advance in the challenge. We worked our way through each clue and challenge, always managing to be just a nose ahead of the other group. Apart from the running between each location, the fitness challenges included rowing machines, burpees, squats, kettlebells and push-ups. The element of competition and teamwork makes the physical exertion a whole lot easier, as you’re focused on achieving a specific task rather than just going to the gym for the sake of exercise. Our final challenge involved working together to flip a truck tyre along a stretch of footpath, passing the finish line and lifting it above our heads. At this point the group who had been slightly behind us the whole race dug deep and managed to beat our team by a FRACTION of a second to take home the win. Buuuuut, I guess the free breakfast supplied by gym manager, Jake and the team at Jetts afterwards meant we were all winners!  

Chatting with Jake after the session, I learnt why the class is so popular and why the patrons at Jetts Innaloo speak so highly of the gym. Jake, who took over as manager early this year, works hard to foster a strong sense of community within the gym and stressed how important this is to the success of any gym, even if it is simply saying “hi” when a member walks in. As one reviewer on Facebook said of the gym, “the trainers are so helpful and fun to be around”. The gym has a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, with a very active social media presence (often posting videos of their group classes) and frequent competitions (including a recent “best joke” contest), which make Jetts Innaloo so much more than just a place to work out. 

The gym itself is fully equipped with high quality machines and free weights, showers and change rooms. They run specialty classes every day of the week (except Sunday) and Bootcamp every second Saturday. If you want to join the Jetts Innaloo community, or if you just want to have a go at the most exhilarating Bootcamp in Perth, check out their Facebook page:

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