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In an unassuming block of apartments on the busy Loftus street, is an urban retreat you would never expect. From the exterior; shiny concrete, sheets of glass and steel, and no signs of life except for a few lonely hedging plants.

Step into the apartment however, and suddenly you’re far away from the city vibe. I’m not sure you’d call it an apartment anymore though, Sandra Stoitis has expertly turned this whole space into her studio, The Holistic Health & Wellness Centre. The effect of this, whether initially intended or not, is a warm, peaceful and homely atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re sitting in a friends kitchen, but maintains the professionalism of a healing space where sometimes, you leave your heart on the floor.

I’m a busy woman and the first to admit that I put others needs before my own, whether it’s my students, my child, or my business, so when the opportunity came to take a Reiki & Crystal Healing session for Perth Happenings, I put my arm up so fast it nearly popped out of its socket.

And like a whirlwind I came, misplacing the address, then careening into her driveway so fast I underestimated the height of my 4WD and “kissed” the undercover carpark with my roof rack. I was running late, I hadn’t read the confirmation email about what to bring or do beforehand, and my mind was already thinking about what I had to do afterwards.

Sandra took it all in her stride, one of those people I’m sure is always unflappable, and immediately made me feel at ease. A short questionnaire later, and I was laying down on her therapy table.

Reiki treatments have begun to weave their way into mainstream therapies over the last 10 years and rightly so. This energetic system of healing goes beyond the physical benefits of say, a remedial massage, to seek out the way we store emotions in our cells and addressing the blockages we either create for ourselves or have been created by actions against us. Reiki can involve touch, hands-hovering, eye gazing, breath healing, or healing by distance, but you remain clothed and don’t even need to move.

I could tell Sandra moved over my body but I couldn’t really elaborate on that. I could say she used crystals but I could really elaborate on that either. A great healer is just “there”, you aren’t aware of the way they move or their methodologies, you’re not sure if they’re at your head, or your feet, in fact I felt Sandra’s hand on my belly for the whole treatment when in fact it rested there once and an energetic print was left behind. An amazing sensation to feel. The crystals, chosen intuitively by Sandra has a similar effect, with an amethyst coming off of my body feeling hot to Sandra, actually felt like an ice block resting on my forehead. As the treatment progressed I noticed my body start to contract down the right side, I felt like I was turning into a banana! It wasn’t until about (I’m guessing) half way through that I felt a noticeable release, like the right side of my body just took a great big sigh and let go.

Later, Sandra explained that the right side of us is our nurturing and giving side. It’s not uncommon for teachers of many modalities & fields to give so much that it depletes them. The benefit of this session was to find more balance and peace. I can tell you unequivocally, that I was not the same person who whirled in, that walked out.

Sandra’s experience extends beyond Reiki & Crystal Healings to a number of modalities that pair beautifully together if you’re looking for packages.

Her repertoire also includes Angel Readings, Meditation & Relaxation training, and Life & Wellness Coaching. She also stocks a stunning range of room mists called “Love & Light”, crystals, salt lamps, and you can even download her guided meditations, you could spend quite some time browsing crystals and feeling out one for yourself, or you could let Sandra intuitively pick one for you, based on your session.
Find The Holistic Health and Wellness Centre in North Perth, or reach out to Sandra via Instagram or Facebook, she’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

Instagram: @holistichealthwellnesscentre

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