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Get up and work at Jetts Kwinana

Overindulged too much at Easter? Yeah, same

But now is the perfect time to get back on track for your fitness goals. After all, summer bodies are made in winter!

But sometimes life gets in the way of your fitness goals and that’s why it’s great to join a gym that can give you flexibility!
Jetts gyms have franchises all over the world and are 24/7 gyms, meaning you can work out whenever suits you best.

My boyfriend and I checked out Jetts gym in Kwinana for a personal training session and to have a chat with manager Darren about the community outreach programs they have.

The gym itself looks brand new, even though they opened back in 2015. All of the equipment looks new and clean, and the walls are adorned with inspirational slogans (not mirrors!) to create a motivational work out space.

I was greeted at the door by Darren the gym manager, and immediately I am impressed, he greet everyone that comes in by name and has a quick chat to see how they’re doing; I don’t think you’ll get that at a big gym!

Jetts Kwinana have everything the bigger gyms offer though, with group fitness classes, functional training, personal training, free weights, cardio equipment and anything else you need to achieve your fitness goals!

We are introduced to Ricky who will be training us and after asking about any injuries and our fitness levels, we get right to it. After a quick warm-up on the treadmills, we get into some leg presses and deadlifts. After our legs have turned to jelly, it’s our arm’s turn with shoulder presses and lat pull-downs. Then it’s onto abs, where we were supposed to be doing crunches and planks on the gym balls, but as our balance isn’t the best, we both got an ab workout from having the giggles instead!

After our ab fail, Ricky gets us doing some cardio with some supersets. I am a very competitive person (especially against my boyfriend!), so the best way to motivate me is to tell me to beat his number of reps in a minute (pretty sure I won!)

After we were well and truly exhausted, I had a quick chat with Ricky about why he chose to work at Jetts Gym. He’s been a personal trainer for about 2 ½ years but only just started working at Jetts Kwinana and really loves the team there; “They are great people to work with, and the clients at the gym are great people to train, they are all really motivated and there’s a great gym culture. I come in at 5am some morning to start and the gym is already packed!” He said.

The community side of the gym environment is a big factor for Manager Darren, and the whole team at Jetts Kwinana; they have hundreds of members at the gym but everyone knows each other.

The team at Jetts Kwinana regularly organise charity drives for the local Salvation army branch and even have a special fundraising event coming up for ANAZAC Day, raising money for their local RSL branch. Darren is ex-military so ANZAC day and the RSL holds a special meaning for him, so is excited to be able to raise fund with his gym community.

On Saturday the 28th, there will be a community bootcamp and BBQ, as well as raffles, challenges and heap more activities. It’s open to everyone, no matter you fitness level and abilities and it’s a gold coin donation to join in the fun, or even if you just want to come down for a sausage people and watch other people work out!

If you are interested in checking out Jetts Kwinana, you can find them on No 7, 46 Meares Ave, Kwinana, and you can also book in for a free trial to try before you buy, visit their Facebook for more info:

If you do check out Jetts Kwinana or head along to their ANZAC Day fundraiser on Saturday, let us know! Tag #perthhappenings so we can see what you’re up to and check out all your #gains!

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