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Fringe- MARVELUs: All the Marvel Movies. Kind of.

Hands up if you classify yourself as a nerd. Right, keep the hand up if you love movies... yes a few hands down. Finally- wave those hands if you love Marvel Comics and Movies? 


This show is for you.

I will put the disclaimer that if you do not understand or know ANY Marvel comics/characters/themes/have been living under a rock, then this is the wrong venue.

I love Marvel, I'm a nerd and I love to laugh. Quite possibly there was no show ever written that could provide me with the LOLs like I expected this to. How on earth were two gents going to make a funny show out of characters I hold so close to my heart? Well they did. There was many many references to my boy Tony Stark so I was a happy camper. 

In the relatively short period of time of an hour, Javier and Gary take us on a journey composed of laughs, giggles, chuckles and a few of them feels. They found the sweet spot between nerdy humor and emotions. Well done. Javier really put on a performance that was worthy of a drama award... but that's the wrong category!

The venue was intimate. Very intimate- pretty close and personal and I think it worked for this crowd. We could joke about our fave movie (Black Panther currently for me!) and the jokes were really made for those in the know and I got the feeling the comedians wanted to actually see our reactions.

Marvel fans rejoice. This is a safe space. I encourage you to buy your tickets asap if you get the following reference-

"I've done the whole mind control thing. Not a fan." (Everyone's Fave Character)

Funny, witty and a little bit silly. The best combination for a comedic duo.

Where: The Deluxe at The Pleasure Garden  
When: Until 17th February 2018
Time: 9.45 pm

4 Stars

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