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Fringe World used to be something that I would only go to if I wanted to head into Northbridge or Perth. It was a full night out and you would need to be prepared.

This year is VERY different! We have found Fringe World events in all of our communities and I am here to tell you why you should head along!

Fringe is spreading its wings to include 121 venues in and around Perth - how amazing is that. You no longer need to leave your local hood to get your Fringe on, and do you know why I believe you should head along? Many of the venues with Fringe acts in the community are locally owned venues, so not only are you supporting Fringe and having one heck of a night, you are also supporting another local business. So much winning.

Here are FIVE of our fave venues for you to head along to in the local communities -


If you have lived or visited Perth over the last few years you will have seen something incredible happening at The Cottesloe Hotel.

At "The Cott" you will not only be able to enjoy an amazing night of Jazz Cabaret, you will also have sunset drinks, sunset views and options of fresh seafood at the new Cott & Co. Fish Bar, a boutique beer in Verandah Bar, or dinner in The Beach Club. My first experience at the Cott was when I was 19 (some few years ago!) and I have loved watching the changes.

If you're looking for an ocean view with a side of Jazz check our "Hot Summers, Jazz Cabaret" live for Fringe World.

"Cathrine Summers presents an exciting 2-part show with 6-Piece jazz band, featuring high-end cabaret; songs of Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald, Liza Minelli and more weaved around a history of jazz & cabaret - think Le Lido meets Birdland.

Cathrine Summers is one of Perth's premier jazz vocalists. Her rich honeyed voice, broad vocal range, engaging stage presence and 'instantly familiar' candor has given her a title of a 'delight to watch'. Summers wonderfully hosts this swinging spirited live-music and dance show with delightful interplay between music and narrative taking the audience on a lively journey of jazz, dance, jazz hands, bowler hats, gloves and sequins."

Tickets are on sale for Fringe Festival favourite Ca thrine Summers’ Hot Summer Jazz Cabaret! 
Get them right here.


Being a North of River Girl myself, this venue has many many years of memories for me. I have seen this venue grow from a simple mini-golf establishment to a place with famous pizzas, multiple mini golf courses, a favourite for weddings AND now hosting Fringe World events. Not just one but FIVE awesome shows with some of my faves including the spectacular Rory Lowe Comedian. As a side note, Rory will be doing an instagram takeover for Perth Happenings during Fringe so keep an eye out!

Comedy Shack brings world-class comedians to the Botanical Gardens of Wanneroo at Leapfrogs all year round but having such an amazing array for Fringe is just amazing!

Tickets are on sale now and you can check out what Wanneroo has to offer here.


" Cockburn Gateway Shopping City is a premium shopping and dining destination, located 30 minutes from Perth CBD. The centre has over 170 stores and an Alfresco Dining Precinct. The centre attracts roughly 7.8 million customers each year. When looking for the Fringe shows- the venue space will be situated on the outside of the centre near the busiest entry (North Entry facing Beeliar Drive).

Cockburn has THREE most amazing shows on this season including one of our personal must-sees "Matt Hale, Comedy Hypnotist." We gave his show  FIVE STARS last year, and I imagine this year will be no different!

Cockburn is bringing family events to you and with some serious high quality Fringe action, enjoy the school holidays with these events- grab your tickets quick because these will be popular - here!


There is something so beautiful about the Swan Valley Region in Perth's Eastern suburbs. This year you have multiple choices, with a Fringe event even in Ellenbrook! 

I chose Mandoon Estate because, look at this photo, is there anything more amazing? 

From their website- "Exploring the Swan River in 1827, Captain James Stirling discovered Mandoon -"place of many trees" in the tongue of local aboriginies. In 1840, the Surveyor General, John Septimus Roe, established a vineyard on its fertile banks which is today the home of MANDOON ESTATE."

Mandoon has a fabulous event lined up during Fringe - it is a child focused event, however you know what that means? Mum and Dad can enjoy a wine and some cheese with a little less distraction! The BEST part of this event is that it is F-R-E-E! 

"A choose-your-own-adventure fairytale for kids! Hansel and Gretel get lost in the forest after their trail of breadcrumbs disappear and have to find their way home. Over the course of their adventure they run into princes, princesses, wolves, witches, and if they're lucky, a fairy godmother - all with a little help from the audience!"

Want to be a part of this East end Fringe event? Head along here and get your tickets sorted!


Freo has alot of Fringe buzzing in their streets. When I chose these events I wanted to offer something different so here we have "Art on the Move" 21 Beach Street in Fremantle.

ART ON THE MOVE is Western Australia's only organisation dedicated to touring contemporary visual art exhibitions across the regions, interstate and beyond and
 encourages connections and fosters a sense of belonging, creativity and a greater understanding of ourselves and the world through visual art. 

The Fringe Show at ART ON THE MOVE is "Creations from the Man Cave- Neil Elliott."

'Creations from the man cave' is a sculpture exhibition featuring playful, handcrafted objects made from reused materials. Local artist Neil Elliott aims to explore, have fun, and promote skills associated with recycling, up-cycling and repurposing. Drawing inspiration from various areas including history and engineering, the artists' active imagination is evident in the fun and cheeky artworks. Originally a painter, Neil adapted his quirky and whimsical painting style to sculptures, working with the history and story of each piece to add character and depth to the artworks.

In Get Creative! Sculpture Workshops with Neil Elliott, you have the opportunity to connect with Neil as he teaches you how to use up-cycled and found objects to create your very own sculpture.

Want to immerse yourself and find your creative side? Head along here to book your place!

 So Perth, we've covered five venues out in your local community with so many more for you to try, test and visit.

Fringe World is such an amazing and exciting time for Perth and now that you don't even need to leave your postcode, well there is no reason not to get out and about!

For all Fringe World activities head to

See you soon!

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