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​Falls Festival 2018- the year that Falls became my fave

Falls Festival 2018- the year that Falls Fremantle became my fave

Although only in the second year of gracing our wonderful Fremantle, Falls Festival has become my number one event in the calendar. For those of you who attended last year you will remember it was a little tricky to run from one stage to the next and keep up with it all. However, it was incredibly well run which is why we flocked back this year. Last year’s vibe was more intimate and cruisy whereas this year there was something different in store for us.

Fast forward to 2018 and last year’s teething problems were seriously ironed out with Fremantle Oval being the new home. The two main stages next to each other meant that the crowd, the dancing, the vibe and the music was in one main location and if you had worked your way to the front you got to take advantage of your position for more than one artist. An additional benefit was that the VIP area looked straight out over the crowd to the main stages making the set up sensational. There was a multitude of shade provided, many more toilets and options aplenty for food, drink and medical help if required.

The smaller Valley stage was tucked away creating an atmosphere where you felt like part of something special and one of my fave acts from the weekend, Thundamentals, gave one heck of a show! Big shout out also to the smaller VERY intimate stages inside the shipping container which only allowed for 10-15 in the crowd but wow, there were some talented people in there!
The set up flowed well and I truly hope they keep the event at the oval next year. There seemed to be some resistance to this set up but it truly was a welcomed change.
Now the exciting part, The music.

The app made sure I did not miss my timetable by getting distracted by glitter, cider or interesting fashion (I genuinely was excited to see the 90’s making a comeback but those netting things over underwear… perhaps I missed that memo!) and a HUGE thank you to Falls for the app and the push notifications. You saved me from missing Camp Cope!

Stand out acts for me-

Glass Animals- I was a midrange fan pre Falls. I was excited to see them but they weren’t my number one. Oh my, how one set can change someone’s life! I was genuinely captivated by the whole show. The crowd interaction, the quality of live performance (which I believe was not as strong with some of the other acts being honest) and just the energy. I loved Life Itself and didn’t mind Pork Soda but after seeing it live- its all about the pineapples! When they dropped their ‘Like a Version’ cover of Crazy- the crowd went nuts. Just superb. I was very confused though having Glass Animals before Fleet Foxes. Glass Animals brought the house down and created a mosh of dance which followed by the cool tunes of Fleet Foxes, well it left the crowd feeling deflated. Perhaps the only scheduling suggestion I would have. Fleet Foxes between Glass Animals and Flume, created such a swing in the night. I want to comment on Flume but his set really didn’t hit the mark with us. Whether it was from the build up waiting for him, wanting a HUGE hit of dance or that the mix just didn’t hit it, it wasn’t the final bang we were hoping for.

The Smith Street Band- When a front man gets personal with the crowd and speaks out about issues that are personal to them, knowing they are engaging with a captive audience, it is hard not to be moved. Discussions on mental health and not keeping those thoughts and feelings to yourself- respect for Wil Wagner was already high but that really was a highlight for me. The Smith Street Band’s cover of ‘When you were young’ had me running from the bar to dance and sing (perhaps scream is the better word!) and Death to the Lads was amazing.

Thundamentals- Standing in the photography pit and watching the crowd interaction and connection I was in awe. I have not seen Thundamentals live previously and have always been a huge fan so I knew I was in for something special. The energy from the moment they stepped on stage was real, electric and you could see how much they loved what they do. Getting the entire Valley stage crowd to get their uh, fingers in the air, was a spectacle and for the first time in my life I wished I was on the other side of the fence. (Side note- the security at Falls this year was fab. I saw many an occasion where I said out loud- man they put up with some serious crap- and they took it in their stride from what I could see. Great job guys).

Camp Cope- Another on the Valley stage. I had not been too involved with the Camp Cope hype or music being honest but these girls really know how to bring it. With songs fuelled by emotion, and a front woman who I may or may not have a huge girl crush on now, they were the Valley stage stand out. Standing tall against the sexual abuse from a previous Falls festival and calling on her respect for the citizen’s arrest, the whole group were wearing the shirts in support and provided presents to the crowd of shirts thrown out.

Liam Gallagher- Despite the volume shorting during his set, 90’s children like me and actually it seemed the whole crowd, were reminded of why Oasis was so huge! We were showered in memories like Some Might Say, Morning Glory and Wonderwall which were as close to live Oasis as I will get and he did not disappoint. One peculiar thing was Liam wearing a hoodie pulled right over his head on a 30+ degree day but hey, when you’re a rock star, it doesn’t matter if what you do makes sense!

Peking Duk- If I could write 4000 words on this set that would not be enough. I was standing next to a tourist who had never heard of Peking Duk and I said to him- just you watch you will be a convert. From the second they were “introduced” by Richard Wilkins the crowd was theirs. I have never been part of such a stage show! Confetti blasts, stage antics and a response and engagement from the crowd that blew me away. It would be too long a list to discuss every remix, every song but it was all 200/10. My personal highlight was Let you Down. Peking Duk- you blew away Freo Oval and we thank you and yes- the guy turned to me and said- Just Wow!

I feel that any act following on from Peking Duk had to bring their absolute A game but for us, Peking Duk was the end of the weekend and we left on a high.

Overall, the event was fabulous, location great, facilities on point and music enough to keep this fan happy. Cannot wait for next year (hopefully we may get Illy back!).

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