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Beautified by Bronte

Sometimes you’ve just gotta treat yo self, right?! And what better place to do that than at The Little Beauty Room by Bronte?

Let me set the scene for you, shall I? The lights are dimmed, the bed is warm, the diffuser is producing a delightfully intoxicating aroma and the music is enchanting. Check your worries at the door, cause there definitely isn’t any room for them in here!

From the get-go, Bronte, makes you feel right at home and confident that she is going to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, and your skin absolutely glowing. With nearly 15 years of experience, she knows what she is talking about and answered my countless questions without skipping a beat. We honestly could have kept talking for hours.

The main products behind The Little Beauty Room are Skin Juice and TrueBrow™, both created by Australian women which is always a plus. Who runs the world? Girls!

Skin Juice is a skincare range using energising and bio-compatible ingredients to cleanse, balance, repair and hydrate the skin. Their healthy formulations are free from any artificial nasties which means Skin Juice products are providing the skin with a healthy balanced superfood diet! The products are created fresh in their very own Juice Lab in the Hunter Valley, NSW, using sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients.

Bronte does an incredible job of explaining exactly what she is doing as she goes, giving you the complete rundown of each product she is using and why. She is also furthering her own education in the gut-skin connection, which is something I personally find fascinating and has really helped my skin! So you will more than likely learn a little something while you’re getting absolutely pampered. On top of all of that, while your facial is doing its magic for your skin, you will also be treated to an incredible head and shoulder massage that is sure to put you into a complete zen-like trance. If I wasn’t too busy gas bagging I definitely would have fallen asleep!

Bronte is also your local TrueBrow™ stylist. What is more in than brows at the moment? The frame to your face! If you’re in need of some serious brow resuscitation because they’ve been over plucked or waxed in the past I suggest you give her a call. The creator of TrueBrow™, Elle Wilson, created the line with the belief in the importance of the brow to a woman’s overall softness and beauty through recognising the influence the brow has on a woman’s expression of herself.

Bronte also offers full skin consultations, lash lifts and tints, waxing and relaxing back massage add-ons to melt away your worries! The Little Beauty Room really is your one-stop shop!

For more information and to book your appointment call 0419 047 941 or head to
You can also find The Little Beauty Room on Instagram at @littlebeautyroombybronte

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