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A new way to date with Perth Business - Vencha

"It’s a Friday night and you’ve got your party gear on. You head to a bar, or maybe a gig at a club with some friends. You grab some drinks and head to the dancefloor. Suddenly your phone pings – one of the singles you matched with on Vencha is at the bar next door so you head off to see if sparks fly."

I was told about new dating app 'Vencha' and decided I should give it a go. After all, it was developed in Perth and fits my local business mantra PLUS I'm a single girl, so no brainer!

I will admit, I am a little sick of dating apps. In a world of digital connection, I do miss the good old days of 'seeing' someone in person. 

I enjoy the fun of swiping right (and left!) and chatting to different people but so often it truly does not go any further - hence frustration!

So often I have 'unmatched' because it is all too hard. Trying to organise a time, hoping they will actually ASK you. What I did like about Vencha is they are looking to skip the icky parts of digital dating by letting you meet your matches when they’re nearby on a night out.

Want to know how Vencha is different to all the rest?

Here’s how Vencha works: after downloading the app and signing up you can swipe right to show your interest in other Vencha users. Standard swiping procedure right there. You will match and you can chat, again standard procedure, however when you enter a bar or club, Vencha lets you check-in. This is optional and you don't have to do this, but it makes this app all the more fun! Checking in means you can see other Vencha singles nearby and they can see you. Yes, that's right,  I can see who is a real person and know who is close by me at the SAME place! 

The people you have matched with are highlighted green. Literally all you have to do is reach out to them, organise to meet somewhere specific and see if you hit it off. The benefit is, you are there with your friends and they can keep an eye out. 

If you don’t feel anything just head back to your mates – but if you do hit it off, well then the night is young!

You can also invite a match to a certain date that is designed within the app. For example, I love Henry Summer bar so I could go within the app and invite my match there. This app is all about getting out and actually meeting. Save your endless swipes for those other apps- Vencha is going to get you face to face! 

Vencha is available Australia wide and you can download it for free on Google Play or from the App Store.

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