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2019 Fringe - Ten shows we are heading along to!

Fringe World. It is what happens to Perth after our Christmas and New Year comedown, when we are all well rested, back at work and in need of something to lift our spirits. Well in 2019, there are some pretty freaking DANDY shows and I am excited to say I am going to get to see many of them!

Fringe World is the largest annual event in WA and the third largest Fringe in the world- how freaking amazing is that for little old Perth! We clearly love our Fringe.  The Festival runs for a massive 31 days from 18 January to 17 February, with something awesome on

What sort of acts can you see at a Fringe World do I hear you ask?  Well there is a HUGE assortment- comedy, circus, free and family entertainment, theatre, visual arts, musicals, dance and cabaret by local artists (and we have a TOP LOCAL ACTS Blog coming soon!) alongside international and national artists and we have tried to cover most in our list- we also have a FAMILY list coming soon too!

We have spent a long time looking through the pages and pages of acts coming to Perth and have found these ones we think are especially awesome. These are shows that I personally am heading along to see. 

In no particular order- (Link to tickets by clicking the show name)

1. Blanc de Blanc

Do you love a little sexy in your evening? Vintage glamour and acrobats? A touch of cabaret? Honestly, who doesn't! This show is running for (almost) the entirety of Fringe and is the show most of my team has had their eye on. In fact three of us already have plans to attend! Don't think that because there are so many shows you don't need to book- this will definitely be a Fringe Favourite! 

"By popular demand, the hit show from the acclaimed creative minds behind Madonna's Rebel Heart tour, returns to Perth!

Come to the place where the champagne sparkles, eyes glimmer and the sensual and salacious combine for an evening of breathless abandon. BLANC de BLANC brings the finest cabaret and acrobatic talent from around the world, serving a blend of vintage glamour, high-end spectacle and titillating acts to infatuate and delight."

Running from: 18th Jan to the 2nd March most days 
Duration: 120 minutes
Location: The Pear Tree-388 William Street, Perth,


2. Umar Azad | Halal- Is it meat you're looking for?

I am so excited to see this show - honestly, and already have my tickets! When I first saw this title I actually lol'ed and thought- that is really clever, this comedian has my attention. Then thanks to a twist of fate I met Umar at a comedy gig and knew I had to share his show with you all! I have never seen Umar live, I have not been to any of his shows but just from meeting him, I am sure you will love this act!

"Migrating to Australia as a child has given UK born Umar a unique view of the world. In his much anticipated feature-length show, he unapologetically describes the challenges of living multiple different lives in order to survive.

Join Umar as he lifts the veil of secrecy on trying to be the best Bogan Muslim he can possibly be - without his Pakistani mum finding out!

A poster child for cultural integration, Umar entertains crowds with impersonations of influential people in his life, mixing high-energy comedy with a unique urban flavour that left the crowd in stitches at his sold-out split shows at FRINGE WORLD 2018." 

Running from: 14th -17th Feb
Duration: 55 minutes
Location: The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar and Cafe


3. Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale's Feel Good Factory

We saw Matt Hale's show last year and gave it no less that FIVE STARS! That's right, it was what we call "A perfect show." With a whole new Feel Good Factory for audience's to experience, we just had to share Matt Hale's Feel Good Factory with you.

If you have never seen a comedy hypnotist you are in for a treat. There are no expectations for you to be on stage and be hypnotised - that is 100% voluntary (This was my worry last year!). 

"Real Hypnosis, Real Fun! The sellout award nom'd hit of 2018/17/16 cranks out a brand new show of LOL hypno suggestions to leave you feeling fantastic, onstage or in audience (you choose!).

With his own modern brand of hypno laughs (NO swinging watches & 100% chicken free!), Matt hypnotises volunteers with hilarious (but tasteful!) consequences as their imaginations work overtime!"

Running from: 18th Jan - 17th Feb (most days)
Duration: 60 Minutes
Location: Various - Perth, Cockburn, Scarborough and Ocean Reef

4. John Robles: Gay and Stupid

Fringe would not be Fringe without something to challenge the status quo. What I find so intriguing about this show is that so many topics are covered from identity through to digestive issues. I haven't seen John live before but am certainly ready to laugh and and find out, exactly what lies between Gay and Stupid? 

"Gay isn't a synonym for stupid, but John Robles is both of those things. In their 23 short years of life, John has experienced break-ups, quandaries of identity, and considerable digestive issues. After a sold-out debut show last summer, they're back with a new hour of sketch and stand-up comedy that explores the pure joy that lies between Gay and Stupid."

Running from: 28th Jan - 3rd Feb
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Studio Startup Basement, Grand Lane, 143 Barrack St, Perth

5. La Soiree

If you haven't heard of the amazing La Soiree, then you haven't Fringed! 

La Soiree this year has sword swallowers, puppeteers and some awesome pole action. Intrigued? You should be. This show does have a long season but if the past is anything to go by, these shows will sell out so grab your tickets soon!

"Perth’s favourite show is back! After three sellout FRINGE WORLD seasons, LA SOIRÉE returns– reimagined, bigger and bolder than ever! The trailblazing, multi-award-winning show that broke all the rules, captured the world’s imagination and redefined contemporary cabaret takes up residence this summer at the iconic Ice Cream Factory. Joyous, celebratory, jaw-dropping and downright unmissable, LA SOIRÉE 2019 arrives with a new astonishing and wildly entertaining line-up." 

Running from: 17th Jan - 3rd March (Most Days)
Duration: 120 minutes
Location: The Ice Cream Factory, 92 Roe Street, Northbridge

6. Squirly Presents- Squirldog - Millionaire

If you aren't looking for fancy twirlers, singing and dancing, maybe Squirly is more your style. Described as a bloke's bloke, in Squirly's new show he discusses his life and growing up as a rural, country boy. Squirly was the winner of Raw Comedy in 2016 and has gone from strength to strength. He blew away the stand up scene in Perth by not only winning the WA state Final but then getting amazing reviews from his time on the SBS aired National Final.  

Looking for comedy without all the sparkles - Check out Squirldog - Millionaire!

"2016 WA Raw Comedy Final winner Squirly makes his way back to FRINGE WORLD with his hit show Squirldog-Millionaire, fresh from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tracing Squirly's upbringing in remote rural Australia to currently traveling around the country doing standup, Squirldog-Millionaire is packed with hilarious storytelling and subtle one-liners that has quickly made Squirldog-Millionaire a guaranteed crowd favorite.
"Hilarious and unassuming, Squirly will quickly rise the ranks of the comedy circuit..." Milk Bar Mag, 2018."

Running from: 25th to 27th Jan
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Lazy Susan's Comedy DenUpstairs @ The Brisbane Hotel, 292 Beaufort St, Highgate

7. Elizabeth Davie- Super Woman Money Program

I met Elizabeth randomly at the front of the bright pink ticketing sea container last year. We discussed what we did and I thought her show sounded freaking awesome! I then went, later, to get tickets and I missed out due to selling out, and then she won an award for her show (Best Comedy Award for 2018- no biggie!) and I felt pretty sad. Therefore, this year I WILL be going and I want you all to know about her show too so you can enjoy it and not have FOMO! 

"Did you know that women often retire with a lot less super than men? Elizabeth didn't. She gets her financial advice from Shirley Bassey and spent all her money going to clown school. But now they tell her she has to raise an extra $350,000 for her retirement, just because she has a vagina. So she's doing a comedy show. Welcome to the Super Woman Money Program."

Running from: 18th - 25th Jan (excluding 21st)
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Shambles at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

8. Isaac Butterflied- Why so serious?  

This is my wild card for this year's Fringe World. I followed Isaac for most of last year thinking that his, somewhat questionable, take on life was lighthearted and very very funny. He has since become a little offensive and political which has ruined his charm for me. With no knowledge of the concept of this show except that he won't hold back, I will still say, Isaac's videos on YouTube can be hilarious, so if you are not offended too easily, head along!

"Why So Serious?' explores the PC culture of our ever so changing world - from the good, the bad and the ugly; Butterfield doesn't hold back!
With the fastest growing audience for a comedian in Australian History - Isaac proves to audiences week after week with his hard-hitting commentary videos (35 million+ video views) that he is bolder than ever to tackle down the issues everyone else is too scared to mention.
This is more than just a night of comedy; this is the beginning of a movement."

Running from: 18th - 25th Jan (excluding 21st)
Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Babushka 742 Newcastle Street , Leederville

9. Menagerie Choir's Ode to the (in)significant

It is very hard NOT to love Menagerie Choir. As Perth's premiere Indie-Pop choir, all are welcome. There are no auditions, you don't have to perform at a rockstar level, and you can just enjoy who you are, and what you love openly and with freedom; and I am not just talking about the music.

Having met a singer in the Menagerie Choir and having heard about the passion and joy this group brings, alongside an opportunity to just sing if you want to, I encourage you to go and check this choir out. I am genuinely looking forward to watching this performance.

"Tiny things can resound throughout our lives, taking hold in often unexpected ways. Through its distinctive mix of indie music and story, Menagerie Choir explores our everyday subversions, the tiny actions we take to assert our true selves, and little moments of large significance. From the comic to the poignant, these are determined, quiet protests, in joyous choral harmony!"

Running from: 11th - 15th Feb
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Teatro at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

10. (Not) The Bachelor - Live on Valentine's Day - Hosted by Luke Bolland

Each year I hear amazing things about Luke Bolland. I saw him live once a good few years ago and remember him being super funny. Fast forward to 2019 and Luke has multiple shows at Fringe and is an award winner. I chose this particular show because if you are a single person, like myself, why watch all the loved up peeps on Valentine's Day? Go out and embrace singledom and do something fun! Everything that happens on stage is real and YOU could leave with a date!

"Do you love watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette on TV? Imagine, instead of waiting months to find out who they pick, you can see it all unfold over one glorious hour! With (Not) The Bachelor Live, comedian Luke Bolland takes 4 real singles and attempts to make 1 real love match. If that wasn't exciting enough, after all the laughter and fun, ANYONE could win the date - even an audience member!
The Perfect place to bring your date or to find a date this Valentine's Day in Perth!"

Running from: Valentine's Day only! 14th Feb
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & CafeYagan Square

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