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Enjoy the South West without going SO far south

When it comes to fresh produce, stunning beaches and great food - many of us Perthians skip straight down to Margaret River or the likes of Dunsborough and Yallingup. But there’s so much we’re missing out on with the belief that we need to keep driving, to get the best of the South West. Read More..

Perth Happenings

Baolicious - the authentic bao food truck

If you haven’t jumped on the band wagon of Bao in Perth… then where have you been? This delicacy started in China and it’s almost like a tiny sandwich that you can easily eat in a few mouthfuls. Read More..

Perth Happenings

The Power House Private Training Studio

As someone who hadn’t done any formal exercise in the past year or so (unless walks along the coast that end in coffee and cake count?) I was very concerned about embarrassing myself as I felt I was too unfit to attend a gym. Read More..